We Can Shop Rates


When you work with a direct lender you only have the rates and programs that they offer.  At TRADMOR we can shop rates for you across a variety of lenders in order to give you the best options possible.


Since we work with multiple lenders we can shop from our best lenders to give you the best overall rates and programs.


Once your loan is closed with us there is something else we do for you.  We have a patented tracking system called RateAnalyzer.  It was invented by our founder and he has received patents from the USPTO that cover its functionality.

We will continuously track your closed loan with us.  If and when we see that you are eligible for a better loan we will inform you immediately.  When you close a loan with TRADMOR you can rest easy knowing that we can shop rates for you, and will continue to do so even after your loan is closed.


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