Financial Professionals Can Provide Mortgages


CPAs, EAs, Financial Planners and other financial professionals can provide mortgages to their clients.  TRADMOR exists to make this possible.

In today’s market independent financial professionals are continuously striving to add additional services and make themselves irreplaceable to their clients.  In order to maintain and grow your practice it is vitally important that you find ways to become THE FINANCIAL SERVICE CENTER for your clients.


The economy is improving and interest rates have been rising.  If your clients get bad mortgage advice it can be an expensive mistake.  For example on a typical $400,000 loan we often see quotes from national lenders with $16,000+ in closing costs.  In most cases this turns out to be a mistake.  Slick salespeople may pressure them into doing it anyways.  If you become the link between your client and the lender there is a better chance that they will get the best advice for their needs.

It is important to understand that lenders offer a cheaper rate in exchange for paying higher closing costs because they have run the numbers.  It is usually a better deal (in the long run) for the lender.  In the past 30 years there have been very few instances in which a client can beat the market by paying extra to buy down a rate.  As a result when your clients pay extra for a cheaper rate it usually will turn out to have been a bad choice.

Your clients may not understand this.  You are able to put everything into perspective for them.  Since they trust you they will trust your advice.


We use patented systems and procedures that were invented by Russell McDonald, one of our founders.  We combine this with other readily available tools in the industry to provide the best overall mortgage experience available for your clients.


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