This page is for discounts and coupon codes for up front education, continuing education and test prep for TRADMOR agents and prospective agents.

In order to be an agent for TRADMOR you need to have both a license from the California Bureau of Real Estate and an NMLS endorsement for that license.


Requires a 20 HOUR SAFE Act course.  Normal price through Mortgage Educators is $349 but we have a deal arranged by one of our lenders to get this for $180.  Please see the following link and follow the instructions and enter the discount code to get the discount:
Mortgage Educators Discount Page

California Bureau of Real Estate:
Requires  Principals, Practices and one elective course to get the salespersons license.  You can sign up for a discounted price of $84.15 by using this link.  Please email for more information.


There is test prep included in the package provided by Mortgage Educators above.  If you need additional help beyond what they have given you then reach out to us for other recommendations.

California Bureau of Real Estate:
We have a deal with to offer our prospective agents a 20% discount on their test prep services.  Go to the page listed below, and select California and Salesperson.  We recommend signing up for the full year in case you don’t pass the first time and the incremental cost is not much more than the 30 day access fee.
Ordering Page:
Discount Code:  TRADMOR

Please note that everyone we have referred to PrepAgent to study for either the Salespersons or Brokers license has passed the exam on their first try.


Continuing Education:

Links and discounts or coupons will be posted later.



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