Mortgage Brokers


There are lots of reasons that you would want to look to a mortgage broker as opposed to your bank or credit union when you are looking for a mortgage.

First, we have access to many more loan programs than your traditional bank.  We are not restricted by what the secondary marketing department at a single lender wants to offer.


Another is that we can often move faster than a large muscle-bound institution.  When a transaction is simple and straightforward we are able to close most of them in less than 30 days.


Another reason is that we are able to shop a multitude of different lenders and offer their various rates and programs to you.  In many cases that will make us not only faster than a big bank, but more economical as well.


And lets face it:  even if a big bank offers you a better rate today than we are able to offer you on a given loan program, chances are that when the market moves down we will be able to beat that rate in the future and we often do this by having our new bank pay all your closing costs for you.  In the long run you will save the most money by letting us use RateAnalyzer to actively track and manage your outstanding mortgage balances.


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