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What Our Clients Are Saying

We completed a refinance mortgage transaction with Russell in June 2020. We found Russell to be very professional, efficient, friendly and effective in assisting us with the refinance. The transaction was quick and smooth. Russell was great about keeping us informed of where we were in the process as well as helpful in guiding us on the documentation required by the lender’s underwriter. AND he got us the lowest mortgage interest rate we’ve ever had. THANK YOU RUSSELL
-Steven Christopherson

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Russell McDonald for running the easiest refinancing I’ve ever been through. I trust like most people, the document production (on the borrower’s end) tends to be to tell your refinance guy “here’s some stuff, ask for more stuff if you need it” — and that was my process here, too, but Russ was more patient than we rightly deserve. Got us all the way through the process and kept us up to date the whole way through. He anticipated all the sticking points (e.g., getting a final mortgage payment to my current company so the loan payoff statement was ready in plenty of time, etc.) so there was never anything that caused any real problems. More than that, Russ found a weirdly low rate and despite the lender trying to close the window on our fingers he made sure they lived up to what they had offered. Working with him professionally was a delight. He got us a great rate (knocking $500/month off our mortgage) and made my life easy in getting it all together. So, if you need to refinance, do give him a go. He’ll hook you up.
-Andrew Lloyd

Russell McDonald gives personal service. He asks all the right questions and remembers the details. He also has a great follow up system so he contacts current clients if he sees rates decreasing. I have worked with Russell for several years, done 3 or 4 refi’s, a purchase, and another mortgage through him. Thank you Russell for all you have done for me and my family.

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