What Is Cypher Mortgage Solution


What is Cypher Mortgage Solution and how did it come about?  Russell McDonald, one of our founders, invented Cypher and RateAnalyzer.  He co-founded another company called Sourcetec, Inc.  in 1994, and  Sourcetec owns both of these systems.  TRADMOR has licensed them from Sourcetec.


Russell has been awarded six patents from the USPTO for the systems and methods that he invented.  These systems are called Cypher and RateAnalyzer.  They use methods from these patents to provide the best possible home financing experience that we have been able to come up with.


Cypher is a set of systems and methods that accomplish specific steps in the home loan origination process.  It was created to make it easier to complete the required steps to provide a home mortgage.  This has been accomplished using several different computer programs and web pages over the years.  At TRADMOR we are providing the most user friendly and most powerful adaptation that has been offered up to now.

It is an obvious fit for you to provide your clients’ home loans because you already have a deep understanding of their finances.  Furthermore they already trust that you are looking out for their best interests.


RateAnalyzer is a tracking system that TRADMOR will use to identify when your clients can improve their current mortgage interest rates.  In most cases we try to make sure that the new lender can pay all of the closing costs.

This is a powerful tool because it helps us show how it is usually better to take market rates for a home loan, and refinance again when rates are lower.  In most cases clients who pay extra for a cheaper rate do not break even before the market offers them a lower rate for free.


If you want to find out more about adding Cypher to your practice please contact us through this site.

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