How To Get Licensed To Do Mortgages In California

How To Get Licensed To Do Mortgages In California

This tells you how to get licensed to do mortgages in California and assumes that you have never had a Department of Real Estate license nor an NMLS endorsement for that license.

  • Real Estate Principles, a 45 hour college level course
  • Real Estate Practices, a 45 hour college level course
  • Take an elective course – we recommend Legal Aspects of Real Estate, a 45 hour college level course
  • Take test prep from to make sure you can pass the exam
  • Submit form RE 435 to the Department of Real Estate
  • Pay Exam and License Fees of $305.00 total
  • Pass the Real Estate Salesperson exam
  • Take form RE 237 to a Live Scan Fingerprint service provider and pay the fee of $49.00 to the provider, and have your fingerprints taken.
  • Take the NMLS 20 Hour SAFE course
  • Pass the NMLS National SAFE Test which costs $92.00
  • File form MU4 and pay the filing fee of $360.00
  • Criminal Background Check which requires $36.00 fee and fingerprints
  • Credit Report which requires a $15.00 fee

Detailed information for the requirements listed above

Bullet points in blue are requirements from the California Department of Real Estate

Bullet points in red are requirements from the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System

You can take both of these paths simultaneously.  You do not have to complete the DRE requirements first.

All courses can be taken online.  You can look for any updated coupons on this page:  COURSE COUPONS

Department of Real Estate Specifics:

  1.  Sign up for this course.
  2. Sign up for PrepAgent and use coupon code TRADMOR for a 20% discount – SIGN UP FOR THE FULL YEAR IN CASE YOU DON’T PASS ON THE FIRST TRY
  3. Download form RE 216B which includes RE435 and RE 237

NMLS Specifics

  1.  Sign up for THIS COURSE, which also includes test prep
  3. Sign up for and take the test
  4. File your MU4 form and pay the $360.00 fee
  5. Pay the background check and credit report fees, and get your fingerprints taken


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